A range of healthier snacks for people on the go. Each product is made from carefully selected ingredients, combined to give you a healthy, tasty snack, whether you choose greek yoghurt, quark or porridge.


Three glasses of milk a day provides over 80 % of the recommended intake of calcium. Milk is also an important source of iodine in the Norwegian diet. Nothing beats a glass of ice-cold Tinemelk®!


A range of training foods and drinks developed by TINE in partnership with the nutrition department at Norway’s elite sports centre "Toppidrettssenteret".


Litago® is a range of milk-based drinks for enjoyment and relaxation. The range consists of Litago® Original, Litago® Lettere and Litago® UTEN.

Wernerssons brand

The Wernerssons brand covers all kind of cheeses in all categories, everything from cheese for sandwiches to more exclusive cheeses.


The original Jarlsberg® is based on a secret Norwegian recipe from 1956 – so secret that only a handful of trusted people know of its whereabouts and custodians.


Snøfrisk® cream cheese was launched during the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway in 1994. It is made from 80 percent goat’s milk and 20 percent cow’s cream.


The name Ridder® means knight (a strong and bold ancient warrior) and refers to the characteristic, distinctive taste and aroma of the cheese. In Sweden it is sold under the brand name Hertig® (which means knight in Swedish).