TINE® Brunost - Norway’s national cheese

TINE® Brunost Collection

In the 1860s Anne Hov, a Norwegian farmer’s wife, invented the Gudbrandsdalen brown cheese, which has become one of the national symbols of Norway.

The cheese is made from whey, cow’s and/or goat’s milk, and cream. This mixture is caramelised and boiled to perfection, hence the brown colour. The taste is sweet and fudge-like, with a hint of goat’s milk.

Norway’s national cheese

Most Norwegians eat the brown cheese on their sandwiches, cut into thin slices by using a cheese slicer (another Norwegian invention). However, the cheese can also be used on waffles, and as an ingredient in e.g. brownies or sauces.

The TINE® Brunost international collection

The sizes of the brown cheese varies from 250 g to 1 kg and comes in several varieties, depending on its geographical heritage in Norway:

  • Gudbrandsdalen
  • Ski Queen®
  • TINE® Ekte Geitost • Caramore®
  • TINE® Messmør


TINE® Brunost Collection is available in Canada, USA, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Baltics, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and South Africa. 


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