The Norwegian Olympic & Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports

TINE wants to create a healthier and more active society, and contribute to positive food experiences.

We are therefore a proud supporter of the Norwegian recreational and top-level sports and other recreational activities through collaborative agreements with several associations.

Proud sponsor of Olympiatoppen

Olympiatoppen (OLT) is part of the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) and has responsibility and authority for developing Norwegian elite sports. TINE is one of OLT’s main collaborative partners. Through the collaborative agreement, TINE has contributed to strengthening expertise in nutrition within sports. This has also resulted in the creation of new products, such as TINE’s YT products.

Its partnership with OLT, the Norwegian Handball Federation, the Norwegian Football Association and the Norwegian Athletic Association entitles TINE to use the OLT logo and athletes on all marketing material and packaging during the Olympic Games.