The Norwegian National Chef Team

TINE is a main collaborative partner of the Norwegian Chefs Association. Through this arrangement we aim to support the culinary arts in Norway. We aim to enhance the enjoyment of food by preserving Norwegian food traditions and developing new trends.

The Norwegian Chefs Association is an interest group with members from all over the country, working voluntarily to develop the academic discipline and to promote cooking and cooks.

The Norwegian National Chef Team

The arrangement also involves collaboration with the Norwegian National Chef Team and the Norwegian Junior National Chef Team. Our co-operation projects include product development and organizing anniversary events.


TINECup is a contest for students at upper secondary school/college who are training to be cooks and waiting staff. The contest is organized by the Norwegian Chefs Association and TINE. It is a nationwide contest that aims to find the best student cooks and waiting staff. TINECup is intended to motivate young cooks, and thus strengthen recruitment in this field.