TINEs subsidiaries and international activities

TINE has several wholly and partially-owned subsidiaries, both in Norway and abroad. In addition to the dairy business, TINE is involved in the production of food products such as juice, ice cream and fresh convenience dishes.

This activity mainly takes place through wholly-owned subsidiaries such as Diplom-Is and Ostecompagniet, and partially-owned subsidiaries such as Fjordland.

TINE’s goal is for an even bigger share of turnover to come from dairy activities and sales of speciality cheeses in markets outside of Norway. TINE’s subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, the UK and the USA are working actively to achieve this objective.

Jarlsberg® is currently TINE’s biggest export commodity. Approximately 60 percent of Jarlsberg® produced in Norway is exported. In addition, the Jarlsberg® produced in the USA and Ireland is sold on the international market. Furthermore, processing, manufacturing and packing of other types of cheeses take place at TINE plants in the UK and Sweden.