When billing goods and services to TINE SA and its subsidiaries, there are three ways to send invoice, credit notes and payment reminder

Electronic billing 

a) EHF- formatted (domestic)

b) PEPPOL BIS-formatted (international)

International and domestic PEPPOL/EHF-format
Company name  EndPointID schemeID
TINE SA 947942638 NO:ORGNR
Ostecompagniet AS 984054750 NO:ORGNR
Fjordland AS 936661386 NO:ORGNR
Diplom-Is AS  
Bunes Fryselager AS 997885562 NO:ORGNR
Heimatt AS 928105210 NO:ORGNR
Mimiro AS 821269342 NO:ORGNR

See details about electronic billing below. 


Company name mailto
Ostecompagniet AS
Fjordland AS
Diplom-Is AS
Bunes Fryselager AS
Heimatt AS
Mimiro AS
TINE Ireland Limited

An email can include multiple PDF-files, but only one invoice per PDF-file. 


TINE SA and all its subsidiaries have the same address with exception of Diplom-is and Fjordland:

Company name Diplom-Is AS Fjordland AS
Postboks 4242 Torgarden Postboks 23 Postboks 6259 Etterstad

We prefer electronic billing or email. The ability to send us paper invoices will eventually disappear. 

Mandatory elements for all types of billing

Accounting Customer Party

User-ID for the TINE Group contact

Normally 6 letters eg: “ABCDEF” or 6 letters and 2 digits eg.: “ACBDEF01”

Order Reference/Contract Document Reference

Only filled in if supplied by TINE Group 

Payment terms

Minimum 30 days after invoice date

What is electronic billing?

E-billing is invoices, credit notes or payment reminders processed electronic between seller and buyer.  PDF-files and email attachments are not considered electronic billing, because these files can’t be imported into the recipients ERP or accounting system. 

How to send electronic invoices in EHF-format or PEPPOL BIS-format?

You can create valid electronic invoices in Norway by using your own internal ERP or accounting system or by using an approved invoicing portal provider.

Step by step guides and technical information can be found on Difi homepage and on PEPPOL homepage

A list of billing system that can deliver EHF-format can be found here: Invoiceportals (

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For more information

Please contact us on phone or email

Contact information
Company name Phone mailto
TINE SA +47 513 71 555
Ostecompagniet AS +47 513 71 555
Fjordland AS +47 974 92 229
Diplom-is AS +47 977 87 235
Bunes Fryselager AS +47 513 71 555
Heimatt AS +47 513 71 555
Mimiro AS +47 513 71 555
TINE Ireland Limited +47 513 71 555