TINE lever av å foredle melk til ulike meieriprodukter

About TINE

TINE SA is Norway's largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products with 11,400 members (owners) and 9,000 cooperative farms. Our goal being to provide the consumers with food that provides a healthier and positive food experience.

What is TINE?

TINEs goal is to provide the consumers with food that provides a healthier and positive food experience, foto: Paal Audestad kilde:

The TINE Group is one of Norway’s largest food companies and is a full-scale supplier of dairy products. Our business idea is to use clean and natural raw materials to produce tasty and healthy food. We aim to do this through close interaction between nature, agriculture, consumers and trade.

TINE SA - the cooperative

TINE retrieves milk at the farm

The milk farmers who are members and supply the milk also own TINE. In fact, TINE has a total of 11,400 owners and 9,000 cooperative farms. It is the farmers’ milk deliveries that form the basis for running TINE cooperatively.

TINE’s subsidiaries

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TINE has several wholly and partially owned subsidiaries, both in Norway and abroad. The majority of TINE’s international activity is in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden and the UK. 

TINE Annual report 2015

2015 was a landmark year for TINE. We have delivered the best results ever in financial terms.

The Styrk TINE improvement project has surpassed its 2013 target to improve profits by NOK 750 million. At the start of 2016, this figure stood at more than NOK 800 million. This was duly marked in the New Year, but we have no plans to ease off. 

Collaborative partners

TINE wants to create a healthier and more active Norway – we also want to contribute to culinary experiences. To fulfil these aims we need to reach people at a young age. Therefore we sponsor activities in which young people participate for the purpose of learning and experience.


We believe in inspiration through shared experiences, good teachers and good, motivating role models. TINE focuses on society and the environment through awareness, action and humanitarian work.